Pool Maintenance
Simplified for
Airbnb Hosts

Partner with PoolToday to reduce overhead, increase profits, and increase client satisfaction. We are your national partner and back office for bulk property pool management. Our app can manage the weekly service of over 1,000 homes.

One App Manages Over Properties

Our technology allows large property management companies to leverage their size and save money by reducing time, technology costs, and negotiating guaranteed discounts.

Unified Management

Manage hundreds or even thousands of properties from a single unified platform for no additional cost.

Volume Discounts

As the only national pool service platform we have the unique ability to guarantee volume discounts.

Digital Receipts

Reduce your investment in software to track weekly services. Our app provides you with digital receipts and backups of each service including before and after photos and service notes from the field.

Partner with pooltoday and eliminate the costs of time.

A Vendor that gives a Conceirge.

Eliminate Recruiting

Completely eliminate direct recruiting and management of pool service contractors.

Reduce Accounting

Consolidate thousands of monthly payments into a few transactions.

Better Support

We handle quality control of each weekly service and provide a single point of contact to you, a Concierge, available 24/7/365.

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🎄 We are no longer accepting bookings for 12/24/19. We are closed on Christmas Day. You will be notified if we reschedule your service. Services will resume the 26th. Happy Holidays! 🎄