Author: Santo J. Leo

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The perfect chemical balance for your swimming pool

The benefits of a well-balanced pool go much farther than being esthetically pleasing. It’s simple, pool water that is properly balanced and regularly maintained is pleasant. It’s easier on your skin and hair which is a big deal for people who swim frequently. Floridan’s have the ability to swim year-round, which is even more reason to have […]

What’s the proper way to clean your swimming pool

Pool service works best when it gets completed on the same day every week. This way the pool never goes more than 7 days without treatment. Anything longer than 7 days breeds unstable water that is unpleasant to swim in because the chemicals and cleaning are prolonged and inconsistent. Consistent service leads to stable well-balanced pool water, […]

How to change your pool filter

Pool filters come in all shapes and sizes but for the most part they all come apart the same. Most filter housings come apart at the middle or upper half of the canister. For sake of discussion we will use the Pentair clean and clear filter housing.  We must first begin by making sure the […]

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