Cancellation Policy

Subscription Cancellation: You can cancel a subscription with 1-business day notice. In order to cancel a subscription please reach out to us. Please note if you cancel a weekly subscription you are responsible for finding a new weekly pool service provider who is not associated wtih PoolToday. You will not be able to use a technician who works on the PoolToday platform, per our Terms of Service


Subscription Rescheduling: In order to maintain to ensure your pool water remains safe to use we do not reschedule individual appointments other than for acts of god such as bad weather, per our Terms of Service. Such rescheduling is done automatically by our staff and you will be notified of a rescheduled service in-app and/or by text message and email. To change your weekly recurring appointment day/time schedule please reach out to us. We reserve the right to deny changes and/or change appointments based on local demand.


Cancelling/Rescheduling an Service: You can cancel a one-time cleaning at no cost before a technician is assigned to the job. You can reschedule a cleaning as long as the technician is not already on the way to the service address. To cancel or reschedule a cleaning please reach out to us


Refund policy explained: Once you cause the technician to travel you are incurring cost to the technician, our platform, and delaying other customers cleanings. If you had to cancel the job for a unusual circumstance and feel this policy shouldn’t be applicable, please reach out to us.


Constant Service Cancellations: If you constantly cancel jobs on our platform, we reserve the right to suspend you from PoolToday. We love our customers, but we also love our technicians.


When our technician can mark your service as complete, but not perform the service, and you will still be charged: There are a several reasons, all of which will result in you still being charged, and your service not being completed, here are some of them, but the rest are in our Terms of Service:


  • – If your pool is not as described, i.e. green water or you booked a cleaning at a rate with no hot tub/spa, but have one.
  • – If you upload an inaccurate photo of your pools’ current conditions, i.e. professional real estate photos, or an outdated photo.
  • – If the contractor cannot access the neighborhood due to security or some other obstruction.
  • – If the contractor cannot access the property, i.e. a locked fence.
  • – If the contractor cannot access the pool area, i.e. because of a locked screen.
  • – If the contractor cannot perform the work unobstructed, i.e. there is a cover, toys, or something unusual or expensive which they are not allowed to move because of fear of causing monetary damage to your personal property.
  • – If there are loose animals.

& More in the Terms of Service.

🎄 We are no longer accepting bookings for 12/24/19. We are closed on Christmas Day. You will be notified if we reschedule your service. Services will resume the 26th. Happy Holidays! 🎄