Have you ever thought about having your own on-demand mobile app for pool service?

We hear all the time “I had this idea!” from Pool Pros we interview to join PoolToday, the first marketplace that connects Pool Pros with Pool Owners, without having to pay for leads.

Since officially launching PoolToday about two months ago, we have been inundated with Pool Pro sign ups and customers from so many different parts of the country that we have been struggling to keep up.

This is a great problem for a startup to have, but my co-founders and I have been frustrated, because we obviously want to grow as fast as possible, especially since our software is built to work nationwide and customers who are on it love it (we have a perfect NPS score based on anonymous user feedback).

Additionally, we know PoolToday helps Pool Pros. We have found that customers are 30% more likely to pay for parts and repairs through our app than without it. In fact, in a matter of weeks we have expanded from just pool service to offering over a dozen different products and services.

Check it out: Here’s an example of a market’s offering that customers can choose from. We are adding 20 more items this week.

However, our problem is that in some markets we have 20+ Pool Pros trying to join in the same city. How do we decide who is accepted? It’s a complicated process, and slow. And to add to this issue, we have customers signing up in markets that we did not plan to launch for years.

America is HUGE. There are 30,000+ zip codes! We realize it will take us years to efficiently launch a marketplace in every one of them, with the right number of customers and contractors. My co-founders and I have spent a lot of time trying to come up with a solution on how to launch markets faster.  Then we got a bit of inspiration….

After listening to a podcast by the Founder of Poshmark, it turned out Poshmark had this same problem: too many sellers were joining their platform, and that didn’t necessarily mean a better experience. Poshmark then implemented a fee to the seller and was able to focus on the top sellers who were (actually) going to invest the time into innovating and growing their business.

We started thinking:

What if Pool Pros could use our technology for their own route management AND get the benefits of new customers from PoolToday’s marketplace?

We looked at all the software on the market and realized it’s all outdated and none of the solutions (actually) help you grow your business – they are just another expense and thing to manage.

That’s how we came up with Pilot, a program where a Pool Pro can launch their own PoolToday marketplace for their customers. It includes all the powerful technology and customer service (SMS, chat, etc.) that PoolToday offers, but completely tailored to the products and services that Pool Pros offer at their prices, AND the Pool Pro keeps 100% of their revenue (less standard merchant fees) and they own the customer data including the new sign ups from our ads.

With Pilot, our team helps them run their back office by providing customer support, scheduling assistance, and much more – just like we do in the marketplaces we have already launched. The idea is that a Pool Pro is getting our software, support, and strategies for free. They are simply buying the right to run their own PoolToday in the zip codes they operate in. Not to mention, as I wrote earlier, PoolToday’s technology makes selling easier and increases customer satisfaction.

Pool Pros who join the Pilot Program are trading their pool truck in for a Ferrari. (Of course, some people don’t like Ferrari’s.)

Think about it:

Instead of paying for route management software you have to learn, log into, and manage, why not just run your business from an app that connects you directly to your customers, but reduces the amount of customer service you have to do, increases your sales, and drives new customers to you?

We have launched a web page to outline all the benefits, features and pricing of the Pilot program. We can customize and launch a Pool Pro’s market within a week after they enroll, which we only allow them to do after a 15-minute phone consultation to make sure the program is right for them. The cost of the program is a wash (no pun intended), because if we drive just one customer to a participating Pool Pro the program pays for itself.

A few notes to end this blog on is that we want to make clear that Pilot is an optional program. If a Pool Pro doesn’t want to be the exclusive service provider in a zip code, they can join our existing and/or planned ‘shared’ marketplaces where we have multiple contractors. It’s really a personal choice for the Pool Pro on whether they are open to outside help to grow their business. Also, it is 100% up to the pro who participates in Pilot whether they have their customers use the PoolToday app or not, although we encourage it since we help with billing and customer service.

P.S. if you are interested in Pilot, mention to your PoolToday Account Manager on your consultation call the ‘early bird special’ and you will get 10% off.

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